FAQs | Purely Natural Kids

Are Purely Natural Kids' products edible? 

Purely Natural Kids’ products have been created by a mum with the safety of children in mind.  The products are non-toxic, 100% natural and made from non-toxic natural and organic ingredients however they are not meant for consumption.


Are Purely Natural Kids’ products vegan?

Yes, all Purely Natural Kids' products are vegan, meaning they contain no animal products or by products.  


Are Purely Natural Kids' products tested on animals?  

No.  Purely Natural Kids is against animal testing and none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.


Do Purely Natural Kids' products stain?  

Purely Natural Kids’ products wash hands (and faces!) incredibly easily with just water and do not stain skin however as the products are made using natural colours we cannot guarantee that they will not stain so we recommend children wear a smock or apron when using our products and work surfaces are protected.


Can you tell me more about the ingredients used in Purely Natural Kids’ products?

The purity and safety of the ingredients we use are of the utmost importance to us and we take great care when sourcing our ingredients.  Purely Natural Kids' art products are 100% natural and made from combinations of food grade ingredients and ingredients from the earth and plants.  That's it, nothing else! 


Do your products contain any allergens?

Purely Natural Kids’ paint contains gluten and the natural wax crayons contain soy.


Where are Purely Natural Kids' products made?  

Purely Natural Kids’ products are handmade here in the UK.