About | Purely Natural Kids

As a mum, the founder of Purely Natural Kids’ founder seeks to reduce artificial chemicals in her and her two children’s lives by choosing natural and organic when possible. Having struggled to find children’s art products that favour natural over synthetic ingredients and inspired by her young children, she created Purely Natural Kids. Only ingredients that she is happy for her children to use are found in the products!

Nancy paintingThe benefits of art are many and as soon as Elinor's eldest child was old enough to start getting creative with art materials she looked for paint that fitted with her ideals but failing to find any started making her own and the idea for Purely Natural Kids was borne.  Elinor, like many other parents was concerned about the chemicals and toxins our children are exposed to on a daily basis.  As parents, we may check the ingredients when we buy skincare and buy organic food and organic clothing to reduce chemical pesticide exposure, so why should it be any different with children’s’ art products that end up on children’s skin and may go into children's mouths at some point?  Lets face it what child doesn't put paint in their mouths!  Not only are organic products better for us they are also better for the environment too.  Elinor and her children love nature and enjoy incorporating it in to their art and craft fun whether it’s decorating a seasonal tree or making paintbrushes from evergreens. 

With two little artists to test the products, Purely Natural Kids non-toxic art products are all kid tested, parent approved!